Hummus, Israeli Style

Hummus is another one of those recipes that I can make in my sleep. To me it’s usually about mixing it to taste, finding a balance between the lemony acid and the salt. I tend to keep other seasonings like cumin in a supporting role. It also helps to know your preferred tahini/chickpea ratio.

Even if I tend to throw this type of dish together by intuition, I think there’s nothing wrong with testing out specific recipes that have perfected the form. Going back to carefully measured out ingredients on occasion makes the final product that much tastier.  So yes, it was time for me to welcome a break in hummus-making spontaneity, all in the name of improvement.

The Israeli-style hummus showcased in the September 2015 Bon Appetit is definitely a recipe I’ll use again. I plan to continue using at least one of the steps involved, most notably the part where you steep the garlic and lemon juice then filter the liquid through a sieve. This step is pure genius. I need to do more research and see if this is a normal part of the recipe in Israeli households. (If this is the case, it has been omitted in many, many American cookbooks.) If not, I enjoy this added touch to an old standby. To me this element is what has been missing in my versions of homemade hummus. I tend to like a teensy essence of garlic, but find that even adding one clove can be too overpowering. Boom, my garlic issues have suddenly been solved out of nowhere.  

Recipe Credit: Bon Appetit

Kitchen Mess: 2 out of 4 stars. Surprisingly a lot for hummus, thanks to the garlic sieve action.

Recommended For: Parties, midday lunch, snacks, dinner for one.

Not Recommended For: Parties in which you have decided that hummus is overdone and you need to make some other less popular puree/tapenade/mush for crackers. I’ll leave that decision up to you!