Grandma Style Pizza

I’m a coal-oven pizza loving person but I also want to occasionally make a pie at home. Yes, even if it will be cooked in my conventional, not-hitting-crazy-high-temperatures home oven. Ever since I was young I looked forward to homemade pizza nights. As an adult I realized there was a good reason for why those nights were so rare as a child: there are many little steps to homemade pizza night. Pizza delivery night, on the other hand, can be as spontaneous as needed. You have to really be into cooking to not just call in an order. Even if homemade pizza has a certain happy, soothing quality that can’t be replicated in a cardboard box delivery.

So in lieu of “professional” pizza cooked in large commercial ovens, this homemade grandma pizza recipe is easy to create at home. It is also great for a small crowd or simply for leftovers (my personal favorite).

Despite the prep time, I enjoy how this pizza recipe can be put together in piecemeal. The most important step to to make the dough 24 hours in advance so it will properly rise. The other steps involved, like making the sauce, can be done anytime within that time period, technically anytime before you are ready to roll out the dough on the sheet. You’ll also likely need to purchase mozzarella and toppings, unless you are really, really prepared for pizza at all times.

The sauce has a mild complexity to it and doesn’t need much tweaking. I do tend to throw in an extra anchovy or two because, well, umami is my favorite.

Overall the dough is forgiving, although I always have trouble stretching it out to reach the edges of my pan.  The recipe suggests that you wait a short amount of time after you take the dough out of the fridge to start stretching it, which I would also stress. Despite waiting I still have trouble. Luckily the finished product has yet to taste tough and overworked. The cooking times have been spot-on in my oven so far. When you take the first bite you’ll likely want to make a second pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner the following day. Luckily the 24-hour dough rise will deter this from happening, keeping you from becoming a constant-pizza-making-glutton after all.

Fresh from the over
Fresh from the oven

Recipe Credit: Bon Appetit- Dough here, Pizza here

Kitchen Mess: 2 out of 4. Relatively clean despite being a messy sort of meal. Not so clean if you double the recipe and add new toppings.

Recommended For: Sunday Football Parties, Weekends, Winter Meals

Not Recommended For: Pan Pizza Snobs, Events on Short Notice, Summertime


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