Weeknight Dinners- Linguine with Olive Sauce

I am an absolute sucker for anything salted and briny. Any dish that calls for olives, capers, and anchovies is immediately a friend of mine. Extra points if it also calls for lemon zest.

This recipe is one of those pasta dishes I like to subtitle “how to use up all the useless herbs in the fridge.” Extra herbs can always be a problem for a home cook. I find it happens most often with parsley, AKA the herb that is always and forever packaged in massive bunches at the market even when you need to use one tablespoon in a recipe. It never fails. I always feel a little sense of accomplishment when I’ve found a way to not let the leftover herbs in the fridge rot.

Overall this is the sort of dish I love to make midweek: cheap, full of pantry items, and flavorful. It is the sort of dish I might throw together on my own, but the overall ratios in this recipe make it worth using. As I said, I’m a sucker for the salty briny accents, and this has an overall zesty brightness that is balanced and hard to resist. The sauce is also a perfect match for linguine- which is saying a lot from me, as I tend to try to avoid long pastas at all costs. What would I change?  I’m definitely a maximalist when it comes to pasta, so I could have used a little more of the olive sauce and the breadcrumbs. Most people would be fine with the amount allotted, however.

Herby olive goodness.
Herby olive goodness.

Some final notes:

– I used green castelvetrano olives and oil-packed Italian anchovies. I think using the best ingredients possible here is a must for flavor, if you can swing it. (although the capers used were the ones packed in brine, not the supposedly-superior salt cured variety)

– The green olive sauce seemed to not need salt- I thought the dish was fine as-is. I did lightly salt the breadcrumbs as the recipe states.

-I used all the pasta water suggested and thought it might have needed a little more liquid when tossing, so leave a little extra just in case.

Recipe CreditBon Appetit

Kitchen Mess: 2.5 out of 4. Lots of chopping, mincing, and zesting, but nothing too intense.

Recommended for: Olive fanatics, weeknight dinners.

Not Recommended for: Anchovy haters!


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