End of Sour Cherry Season

It wasn’t the best of days, more frustration than anything. On those sorts of days I find it helpful to take part in a cooking activity that allows you to blow off some steam. I learned something new: pitting sour cherries was not one of those activities. Those buggers are soft and pillowy, offering up no resistance as I gored each one, one listless hole punch at a time, with my new cherry pitter. It’s like taking a giant mallet to a pillow-sized marshmallow. Actually, a pillow-sized marshmallow up against a giant mallet sounds more like a stress reducer than pitting sour cherries, which were one squishy non-pop at a time. Like the popcorn kernel that gives you a half pop, my cherries were phoning it in.


So I had these cherries, realized that I was one cup short of making a pie. Should I make a pie with more crust and less filling? Maybe not. Considering that most of the recipes out there called for 5 cups without a variation, I decided to trust the countless amount of pros in my cookbooks/websites. Feeling indecisive, I set my tray of just-4-cups-of-sour-cherries in the freezer in the hopes that I would figure it out in a couple of days.

Like promised, 2 days later I opened up the freezer, ready to use my frozen stone fruit for a simpler, more spontaneous option: fruit crisp. Not wanting to go buy another pint of cherries for pie, and not wanting to make a pan sauce or dessert topping with the cherries, I resorted to ye olde standby of desserts. It might be a standby, but it’s one of my favorites. I followed a basic recipe in the hopes of achieving a proper tart/sweet balance, and I think the fruit filling succeeded. The topping, however, might be a little too sweet for my tastes- and I prefer my crisp topping to be made up of oats and flour, not just flour.

Finished product.
Finished product.

Recipe credit: http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/tart-cherry-crisp

Kitchen Mess: extremely minimal.

Recommended for: Fast weeknight desserts, crowd pleasers, that extra pint of vanilla ice cream lurking in the freezer.

Not recommended for: Special dinner parties


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