Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp tacos sound summery enough for a mid-July dinner. I’ve been meaning to make this particular recipe for a few weeks, somehow never thinking it was the right time to go on a grocery store hunt for decent shrimp, spend extra time charring tomatoes, etc etc. Eventually I had to just say to myself “look, you will never find the exact perfect time to make this, so embrace spontaneity and go for it today, ok?” (That is, if spontaneity can ever include grocery shopping in advance.)


The prep work involved many steps for all of the dish components, but overall the process was a smooth one. First on the list was charring the vegetables for a salsa. I am still a novice at charring veggies on the stove, tending to err on the non-charred-enough end of the spectrum, so looking back I should have made sure to char the tomatoes a little longer to give the salsa a fuller flavor.

The guacamole recipe included is here is competent but nothing special. If you have your own basic preferred recipe, I would probably suggest using it in lieu of this one as it won’t change anything. I tend to eyeball my guacamole ingredients and make it to taste- this was one of the first dishes, back when I began cooking, that I was able to throw together without relying on a recipe.

The red rice is a nice addition to the overall dish. I definitely wouldn’t omit this part, even if it means you’ll be using the food processor for round #2 in pureeing ingredients. Also, the little details involved, like sauteeing the aromatics first and toasting the rice before adding liquid, really make a difference.

Cooking rice until
Cooking rice until “golden”

The shrimp marinade was a piece of cake- throw some Worcestershire and lime juice together and you’re good to go. I would consider tweaking the marinade ingredients if I made the dish again, but then again maybe not- it seemed to compliment all of the other flavors without being overpowering.

After sauteeing the shrimp, we were ready to combine all of the pieces together into the finished product. I should note here that the only flour tortillas at my local grocery store were the giant burrito-sized variety, so I use the term “taco” loosely here as it was more like a shrimp taco/burrito combination.

Recipe credit: Saveur Magazine.

Kitchen Mess: 3 out of 4

Recommended for: casual dinners for a crowd, cooking for groups of people who do and don’t like spice (you can omit the salsa if you dislike spicy food), anyone who wants to make a giant shrimp burrito

Not recommended for: weeknights, people who complain about cheese on shrimp.


The beginning.

I’m making it happen! Stay tuned for my adventures in home cooking, in-depth reviews on recipes, and various other random musings. Thanks for stopping by. -RRT